Invest Area Review ( Scam Reviews)

Read our Invest Area review to see why we recommend this broker for trading. Just to clear any doubts, this is a review.

About Invest Area

Invest Area is an international brokerage company that accepts clients all over the world except U.S.A and countries where these kinds of services are not permitted. They are currently serving thousands of clients, which shows that they are actually doing pretty well, especially taking into account that they manage to stay on the market at a time like this. They also claim their analysts have a deep knowledge of the market and do a heavy research on trades, and that’s what we have tested after opening an account with them.

Opening the account

After registering and opening an account with Invest Area we made a contact with company employees. The account manager was ready to help us walk through the client area and trading terminals upon our request in just a couple of minutes. Actually, the platforms and the client area were pretty intuitive themselves but the account manager also offered help educating us on the market and trading methods and concepts, and it looks like Invest Area would be suitable for newcomers and those who wish to systemize the knowledge of trading. You can begin with a Starter account and later you can upgrade if you like so you can take advantage of the professional accounts.

Deposit and Withdrawals

It seems that there are multiple deposit methods in Invest Area. You may deposit funds with the credit card, a bank transfer or a crypto currency transfer. Conditions are completely the same, there are no deposit fees, so you can choose the method according to your preferences. The only requirement is to use the same method for withdrawals, which is nothing unusual. The deposited money will be on your account instantly. If you need to withdraw you have to submit a request from the client area and once the withdrawal process is verified, the transfer will arrive to you as soon as possible depending on the withdrawal method.

Trading Platforms

Invest Area offers a unique platform with unlimited potential. As they say, it has all the tools you need to conquer the exciting world of CFD trading. Well, this sounds quite interesting and we are eager to see those tools. Our first impression is that this really is a unique platform with a modern design. It has everything you could possibly need and it’s fully customizable. You can change interval, type of the chart, indicators, label, etc. It works without interruption and the best thing of all, it’s optimized for every device. You can trade wherever you are, which is great. If you have some time, take our advice and go to the trading platform after you submitted your KYC documents. Just to get familiar with the tools and the way it works.

Trading Symbols

Invest Area offers a variety of trading symbols in its trading platform, including currency pairs, indices and most importantly stocks. The most heavily traded currency pair is the EUR/USD which on Invest Area comes with a decent spread. US stocks are also traded frequently because some of the most profitable companies fall into this category including Amazon, Apple, Google and many others. There are also crypto assets available for trading, and we invested some money in crypto currencies, specifically bitcoin hoping that this crypto will see new all-time highs, again.

Can you trade yourself?

For some people it might just be confusing seeing so many trading symbols and chart analysis on the platform. But with the proper education and some practice we believe anyone can learn how to trade. Invest Area places great emphasis on education, so at their website is a whole section where you can learn from the concept terms of online trading to the most advanced analysis used today by professional traders. Further information can also be found on the web including videos and speculations. Account manager is also ready to help with any question or confusion that you may have so that is also a big deal for beginners.

Invest Area Review Conclusions

Signing up and creating an account with Invest Area was fairly easy. The security of the trading platform and the funds is very high which also earned some extra points in the Invest Area review. The account manager was ready to help and responded fast which makes you feel like you are not alone especially if you are a beginner. The deposit methods are the most common ones but that was all we needed actually. The trading platform is innovative and very intuitive and has all the trading symbols we needed including stocks, indices and crypto symbols like bitcoin. We hope our Invest Area review was helpful to you.

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